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Payment methods

We offer many payment methods: Bank wire, Paypal (you do not need to have an account), or credit/debit card. We make sure your personal information is safe at all times.

Credit / Debit card 

We accept most of the main credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.

All payments are made through the Redsys safe according to the security standards for e-commerce. 

We do not have access to your card information and your information will not be kept in our system. We just process the order when we receive the payment confirmation from Redsys. 

Bank wire

You can also process your order and make the payment afterwards by bank wire.

Our account information is:

  • Bank name:     La Caixa

  • IBAN Code:     ES68 2100 9253 1122 0008 1656


  • Acc Holder:     SENDERO GESTION - Sendero Gestión SL - Teleraqueta

  • Concept:         Please write your order number

Once we receive the payment with your order number, we will prepare and ship your order. If you want to speed up the process, please send us your proof of payment. 


Paypal payment is easy, fast, and secure. Remember that you can still use your credit/debit card to process your payment through paypal, even if you are not registered in Paypal.