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Returns policies | The Racket Store


At Teleraqueta we want you to be satisfied with your purchase and to use it to get the most out of your game. Therefore, all items on our website can be exchanged or returned.

If you want to make an exchange or return, you just have to follow these three simple steps:

Step 1. We send you your return code or DMA

If you are already convinced that you want to make a change or return of the product that we have delivered, you just have to tell us.

Write us a message to our mail [email protected] to request your Authorized Material Return number or DMA and we will send your personalized code to your email immediately.

Do not forget to include your order number accompanied by the word change or return in the subject of the email to facilitate the process.

Step 2. We collect the order at your home, free

Once you have received your DMA you can return the product you want to change or return to us.

Now, you just have to stick the label you received in your mail mail on the package you want to change or return and our courier company will take care of picking it up at the same address where it was delivered. Unless you tell us otherwise.

All exchanges and returns that return to our store are free. You will not have to pay anything for it.

Step 3. We refund your money

Once our courier company has, you just have to wait for our exchange or return confirmation. From Teleraqueta we will take care of notifying you as soon as we receive your order back in our store.

At that same moment, we will make the full refund of your money immediately. So easy and simple.

But remember, no refund will be accepted if you have not contacted our services by email before and obtained a DMA number.

Doubts and General Sales Conditions

If you have any questions about how to proceed with your exchange or return, you can read the general sales conditions or write to our email [email protected]

And very important! You have seven business days from the date of receipt of your order to return, without any penalty, the products that do not suit you.

All returned products must be in good condition; just as they were delivered by Teleraqueta. From Teleraqueta we advise you to keep the original packaging, so that if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it in its packaging.