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At Teleraqueta we are convinced of our mission. We want to help all squash and racketball players in Spain to get the most out of their game.

To achieve this, we have created two lines of sponsorship with which we can collaborate if you are a professional player or organize squash or racketball competitions in your city.

At Teleraqueta we are very happy to collaborate with the current champions of Spain in both the men's and women's categories. Edmon López, Cristina Gómez or Borja Golán are some of the players with whom we collaborate for the development of their professional careers.

But we are also very happy to support competitive sport both professionally and amateurly. To collaborate with the national tournaments of the Royal Spanish Squash Federation as well as other tests on the amateur circuit that bring together more than 10,000 players competing in Spain

throughout the year.

If ou think that from Teleraqueta we can improve the tournament that you are organizing or the development of your professional career, do not hesitate and write us an email in this contact form.

We will always be happy to collaborate in the growth of squash in Spain so that we are more and more players who play this wonderful sport.